PI Dashboard-Releases

October 26, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Implemented additional changes required to support excluding terminated employees. 

Yearly Tasks

  • Uploaded SEAS Annual Report


October 7, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • PI Dashboard was including terminated employees, instead of updating the application to exclude them. This bug caused people, who were terminated, to appear in the personnel plan. 
  • Account report 'Current % Salary' column was including the last known % for people who were terminated as well as those who were no longer changed to that account. The bug fix was to not show any value for those people.


August 19, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Personnel plan report (excel download): In the tab called 'personnel plan by account' the projected balance amount, was not excluding the "Excluded Object Codes" from the calculation. These are the object codes which are entered on the Root projection section of the application under "Exclude Object Code".  The online version of the report does exclude these object codes in the calculation for the projected balance, as expected. This fix will result in the online version and the excel download version to match.
  • Usage stats report (HUIT access only): report was not downloading due to a cap on the number of records returned.


May 26, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • A person, who also has a root, is now able to view the accounts they have access to. This release fixed a bug which prevented them from viewing any accounts if they didn't have access to all their accounts.


April 8, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inefficient code, which was preventing in a small number of people from logging into the PI Dashboard application.
  • Fixed incorrect path for FAS access rules export.


  • Added ability for the PI Dashboard team to generate usage reports from the application.


November 5, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • Tooltips now appear throughout the application (an example is the tooltip which appears when you hover on the account balance, to show the detail, on the personnel plan).


  • Change was implemented to capture additional person data to enable usage reporting.


October 8, 2020


Bug Fixes


Burn rate and depletion date for non-sponsored accounts

  • Aug 1 was used as the start date for calculations but using the expenses from July 1, which doesn't provide correct burn rate and depletion date. The change we are implementing is to change the start date to July 1.
  • Day and time was used in the calculation, which caused the rate and date to change every time you refresh the page (for example you would get a different burn rate and depletion date at 9AM than you would at 9:10AM). The change is to only calculate for the day so the rate and date remain consistant throughout the day.

Open commitments on account report

  • At-risk accounts open commitments will now be populated in the open commitment tab of the account excel report.

Number of months to project on root

  • The field only accepts numbers between 1-99, but the validation error message incorrectly indicated 0-99. This release corrects the error message to correctly indicate 1-99.


February 19, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • Account and root reports were not using the new NIH salary cap in their % calculation for projected salary expense, this has been corrected. Note: the new salary cap was added to the system on Feb 7, 2020.
  • A message has been added to the screen for user who log into the system but don't have access rules. The message provides a link to the Knowledge Base article with the list of school contacts.


November 25, 2019 




Changes to non-sponsored account Admin Functions sub-menu from Accounts tab 

  • Changed label on Accounts sub-menu from Admin Functions to Account Set-up
  • The page is now read only for all users with access to the account 
  • Moved the Accouting Information section closer to the Account String for Display section

Personnel plan

  • Personnel plan now sorts TBD people's names alphabetically regardless of the letter casing used
  • Personnel plan TBD account tooltip now displays the account name and end date of the account

Modal pop-ups

  • When an edit modal pop-up first displays on the screen the first field is automatically selected so users can start typing without having to click in the cell first, making data entry easier 
  • Button order on edit modal pop-ups are now consistant (cancel button on left and action button, such as save, on the right)

Account card non-sponsored end date display

  • Only manually entered end dates will display on the account cards (not the default fiscal year end), this will make it easier to distinguish the accounts with hard end dates. 


November 7, 2019




TBD Account Page

  • Added warning message to the panel for the TBD account (on the TBD account page), notifying users when the system has detected that an account has been loaded into the system that matched the TBD account string and the TBD account is no longer used for projections. 


  • Added metrics to allow us to track what selections are made when account cards are printed.

Bug Fixes


Root chart

  • Chart was projecting the oldest costing distribution associated with a person. It now uses the costing distribution as of the last month close.

Personnel plan report

  • If a person had a hypothetical termination date, the costing in the last month was bolded. The bolding was removed.

Personnel plan page

  • If an account start date is in the future the shading of the prior months were red, it has been changed to be consistent with the rest of of the page (the shading has been changed to grey).


October 24, 2019




Personnel Plan Page

  • Added a validation message for people with 2 or more companion accounts in their costing distribution. The message states we are unable to determine the cap and the accounts are no longer grouped together.

Pop-Up Modals

  • All modals now have 'X' on upper right corner to close the modal (the behavior is now consistant on all modals).

Bug Fixes


Personnel Encumbrance 
We fixed a handful of bugs which resulted in incorrect Personnel Encumbrance amounts on the Account Cards:

  • When the account end date was in the past, a stale value was displaying. Now it will display as $0.
  • When an account was at-risk, it wouldn't always use the at-risk end date, now it does.
  • Removed double counting of salary related to object codes 6140 and 6440. The person's salary was being projected as an encumbrance for the current month AND the transaction hit the account as an actual for the current month. This fix removes the projection of the encumbrance in the current month.

Projected Costs

  • Removed weekly and daily reoccurrance options, which were displayed in the pop-up modal but not supported by the application.

Projected Funding

  • Removed weekly and daily reoccurrance options, which were displabyed in the pop-up modal but not supported by the application.
  • Fixed re-occuring option so it projects up to the projection end date for that account on the root report. The bug was causing it to project to the furthest projection end date for all accounts associated with that root.

Printing of Account Cards

  • When using Firefox browser, users were unable to print multiple account cards. The fix allows users to print all account cards.

Personnel Plan Page

  • When using Firefox browser, the Personnel Plan panels weren't resizing when the browser window size changed. The fix allows users to make their browser window smaller, and still view the personnel plan page.

Pop-Up Modals

  • Modals now only close if you click 'Cancel', 'Save', or the 'X. in the upper right corner. There was a bug which was causing the modals to unexpectedly close if you highlighted text in a field or if you clicked outside of the modal.

October 11, 2019




Improvements to navigation

  • Many changes were made to improve intuitiveness
  • Account and Root tabs are now always visible
  • Added ability to easily switch between Principle Investigators
  • Moved account and root line charts to their own pages
  • Changed account pie chart to bar chart

New features

  • Personnel plan (includes 'Over the cap' for 12 month faculty appointments)
  • Added projection end dates (removed the number of months to project)
  • Added projection end date default setting
  • Added 'Over the cap' default setting for 12 month faculty appointments
  • TBD accounts
  • Scenarios

New reports

  • Personnel report
  • Multi-account report

Other changes

  • Removed the need to save on the pop-up modal and then again on the page when making changes to projected funding, costs, personnel (now saving on the modal saves the change)

Bug fixes

  • Bi-weekly personnel are now projecting the 3 pay periods in the correct month

January 10, 2019


    • Fixed bug when adding multiple values (at least three) within a segment in "Accounting Info" and then clicking the trash icon next to the middle row, both the middle row and the last one were deleted.
    • Fixed remote bug that could cause the daily loading program to duplicate data if there are Oracle database time zone differences between the Harvard Data Warehouse (source Oracle database) and the PI Dashboard Staging Database (receiving Oracle database).

    Bug fixes

    • Add warning for conflicting exclusion rules for Access Management.
    • Add explanation of exclusions to "Accounting Info" description in the User Interface.